Architecture is a discipline in constant renewal, intrinsically related to the evolutions of the company. The transition towards three independent structures working in close collaboration is resulting from an attention very particular range with waitings from the actors from installation and construction. Workshop A. Garcia-Diaz supports the dialogue with the Owner to carry out in a concomitant way the urban and architectural design, and the functional ambitions. The workshop develops a approach of quality for each one of its projects aiming at answering waiting which is singular with each program.


The workshop also has an affirmed wish answer programs whose conceptual range places the framework of urban and architectural creation in essential harmony with social objectives and cultural. The design of places, of living spaces represents an architectural and human adventure that the workshop wishes to develop within its approach. Any project of architecture or regional planning represents an adventure, a renewed emotion, causing each time a specific approach, an original approach adapted to its environment.


The workshop has the competences recognized in the fields of architecture, town planning, the urban developments and the landscape. it also acquired a strong experiment as regards sustainable development. The poles of competences the component since many years were structured in order to answer a broad category of projects distributed on the whole of the French territory and beyond, combining all the scales of town planning, architecture, the landscape and the design; 35 years of experience, 15000 residences, 5 tram lines. These figures are the pledge of a know-how and confidence from which the workshop profits.


Workshop A. Garcia-Diaz, Great Angle and MOEX emanate from these poles of competences from now on clearly identified as independent structures. The organization and the clear distribution of the roles of each member of a grouping according to his fields of competence are a key element in the success of a project. This principle of operation makes it possible to optimize the coherence of the proposals by having a perfect command of the interactions between the various approachs.


The workshop also obtained new competences based on last technologies such as the catches of sights and photogrammetry by drone, the studies of flow (CFD) and the installation of the total work method by the BIM. Moved by a will of handing-over in permanent question, the team engaged resolutely in projects of scale and belongs unceasingly to multiple challenges. The structure of the workshop, its organization, the procedures of management of the projects installation, enable him to sit its activity on strong foundations and durable, base of a structural transition open on the future.


The multi-field agency of Architecture, town planning, design and landscape created in 1980 of the name of its founder Antoine Garcia-Diaz starts at this beginning of year 2016, a transition structural to the service of quality of the projects and collaboration with its partners. Thus wishing to fall under a approach of opening and a future, the agency Antoine Garcia-Diaz hitherto structured by poles of competences is divided into three independent structures functioning in interdisciplinary synergy: