Antoine GARCIA-DIAZ began to realize, mainly for foreign customers, contemporary, unusual houses, published in many architectural magazines. He soon sensed that urban planning, urban approaches should precede architecture. His planner training led him to collaborate on large development project in the Languedoc Roussillon coast, participate in numerous studies for DATAR and integrate the Mediterranean forecasting group and that of experts from habitat in southern Europe of the United Nations.

Follow some emblematic projects such as the Hotel of the Department of Hautes-Alpes, Space Pitot with R. Meier or the legal City with B. Kohn in Montpellier.

Already enjoying a great reputation in the Mediterranean region, the Workshop GARCIA-DIAZ, conscious of its independence as to be open to other issues, wins prestigious competitions on the whole national territory (Arcachon, Epinal, Verdun, Lyon, Strasbourg, Chartres ...) in 1995, the Workshop GARCIA-DIAZ going one step forward by winning major contracts related to the installation of tram lines (Montpellier, Toulouse ...). The workshop will restructure, equip itself with human and technical resources and set up appropriate procedures to deal with the complexity of these new programs. The team is enriched by landscapers and designers. The workshop continues to grow and diversify its activities.

Today, faced with profound changes affecting society, GARCIA-DIAZ Workshop wants more than ever watcher social developments to reinvent the business architect and urban planner. Working with humility and ingenuity, it ensures evolve where people live and work to achieve meaningful projects.
It shall have the most powerful computer tools for study and implementation of its projects: BIM digital model, computational fluid dynamics, Simulation Thermal Dynamic, professional drones ...






5 place du 8 mai 1945 | Montpellier |

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