A sensitive approach | For the Workshop Garcia-Diaz, urban planning, architecture and the landscape are indissociable. The objective is less the architectural gesture than the quality of use. Whatever the nature of the program and challenges, Workshop A. Garcia-Diaz carries out significant and contextual projects which nourish site: geography, natural spaces or urban, fields tension of the great landscape, climate, social realities, situation economic… Regarding architecture and urban planning as serious and demanding trades, Workshop A. Garcia-Diaz is a committed actor who can answer all the missions of control of work. 

The workshop did not have of cease to support in its work, this design and this research. It always privileged multidisciplinarity by closely associating architecture, urban planning and the landscape in an attitude éco-person in charge.

Moreover, thanks to a perfect control of the legal questions, Workshop A. Garcia-Diaz - accompanies the owner in anticipation by the procedures and the times as in the dialogue - solves the complex situations - assumes all the missions of agent - systematically ensures the architectural follow-up of all the projects, of the large territory to the detail of execution of a part of furniture.

Contextual and sensitive | Territorial planning | Urban developments and landscaped | Landscape integration | Respect and enhancement of the site | Legal and regulatory expertise | Consultation | Urban development planning| such are know-how of Workshop A. Garcia-Diaz. Any project starts with a very fine diagnosis which relates at the same time to the allocated scope, its operation, the practice of public space. Are then defined the urban, architectural and landscape objectives with a strong requirement extent to the behaviour of the project in the duration. Thanks to his experience in the centres town, the Workshop Garcia-Diaz knows: to requalify public spaces| to work the urban seams | to enhance the potentialities | ensuring overall coherence while respecting the existing and historical field | to redefine the courses and circulations after the introduction of soft displacement modes | to develop concepts interlinking built forms and landscape.

Quality of use and landscape insertion | For Garcia-Diaz Workshop, architecture and landscape are completely interlinked: the landscape is the genesis of the architectural project, both feeding each other. In this context, the vegetal has hall its place, developing the concept of the ecotone to restore a natural environment: so car parks are preferably buried to make way for the gardens, retention ponds are landscaped and accessible.
Designed in a sober and contemporary vocabulary, each project is inserted delicately into context and is firmly committed to use: generous spaces, reflections on the cell habitat, natural light, landscape transparencies views ...

To manage complexity | The installation of a tram line confronts the project with the near total of the urban problems on all the scales – territory, streets, avenues, places, environments, coherence, station, furniture, choice of materials, shares functions, detail of execution… This experiment made it possible the Workshop Garcia-Diaz to understand great technical and interdisciplinary complexities of them over the long life: to manage the uses in public space | Wired reconcile readability of the line and the affirmation of identity, while strengthening the crossings sequences | work within a multidisciplinary team with all the communications constraints | to pool informations and the means of production | assist the main developer in the consultation phases | organize works in occupied site. 

For each line, the Garcia-Diaz Workshop develops strong landscape and architectural structures based on the identification of sequences respecting the diversity of urban morphologies crossings. The plant palette used to define multiple statuses of land use and organizes the uses around the platform.

To control all the levels | In the context of urban development or architectural projects, the Workshop Garcia-Diaz drew many parts of street furniture and looked after in depth interior environments. From the global design at the level of a territory to the architecture of interior,from the structural work to the insertion of a plinth, raw concrete to the most sophisticated material, of a simple refectory at a building of standing, the constant objective of the Workshop Garcia-Diaz is to improve living environment.



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